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Market analyze

Market analyze.

Development of business

Development of business.

Evaluation of productivity

Evaluation of productivity and industrial performance.

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Indication of suppliers of equipment and construction materials.

Ruivo Consultoria

Fish production in Brazil has grown consistently over the past few years. In 2018, the increase was 4.5% in relation to the previous year, reaching 722 thousand tons. Of this total, tilapia represented 400 thousand tons (55.4%) and tambaqui 287 thousand tons (39.7%). Together they accounted for 95%.
The panga or pangasius is already authorized to be grown in some states. If, for example, a small portion of a vannamei shrimp microregion in Rio Grande do Norte were converted to panga cultivation, without aeration, with two cycles of 70 ton / hectare per year, it would certainly not even be necessary to import this species anymore.
Brazil is a blessed country with great potential. We need to produce efficiently, with sanitary safety and at an adequate cost in the industry.

Ruivo Consultoria

With well-defined principles, the company started its activities based on the preservation of values, competence and quality, always seeking to offer the best to its customers, increasingly demanding, the company invests in the training of its staff and in modern equipment.


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